If you mix and match sizes of NailSnaps like I do, you probably have some stragglers lying around. Let's talk about how to use them as accent nails and orbit nails so you get more bang for your buck and cute nails. Win win!

The accent nail

Having all your nails the same color is a standby classic, but adding accent nails give you some flair. The easiest way to use up a stray NailSnaps wrap is to use it as an accent nail, and paint your other nails a similar or matching color. Here's an example from my personal nail art Instagram account.

Image showing NailSnaps on only a few nails, with the others plain colored.

Want to add gold accents like above? See the Dressing up your NailSnaps post from a few weeks back.

Jazz it up.

Here's a short list of things we've already talked about that you can do to jazz up a NailSnap accent.

Part of a larger design story

Instead of using the NailSnaps wrap as a singular accent, go crazy! See some examples below. Mix it with patterns, gradients, plain colors, and embellishments. If you're a nail art veteran, try stamping, marbling, and everything else!

Image compilation showing NailSnaps being used in a larger design story.

Orbit Nails - Great for wider nail beds.

Doing orbit nails with polish can be tricky but NailSnaps makes it easy! If you have a whole set of NailSnaps that are too small for your nail beds, this is a fashionable way to use them up. You can also use orbit nails and accent nails if you don't have a full set. Or, if you like the orbit nails look, then just use a pair of scissors to cut the NailSnaps to your desired size.

  1. Paint your nail a color, any color. Allow to dry.

Animated gif showing a nail being painted white.

    1. Apply the NailSnaps a small distance from your cuticle. Petite width NailSnaps fit pretty perfectly on my nails, but orbit nails look bangin' especially if you have extra space showing on the sides.

Animated gif of NailSnap being applied to the thumb.

  1. Apply top coat, and you're done! (I used a matte top coat)

(FYI - I'm holding a jar of bee pollen in this photo. For anyone wondering, it tastes weird.) 

If all else fails...

And finally, once I needed some tape in my car to stick my charger cord out of the way of my steering wheel. I had a stray NailSnap on me, so I used that. When you're really out of options, NailSnaps can be your custom designed pre-cut tape ;)

How do you use up excess NailSnaps? I'm really curious. Let me know in the comments below!

xo Kelly

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