Image of geometric or stained glass nails.

I love doing nail art but for the longest time, I couldn't figure out how to do geometric or stained glass nails - my lines always came out thick and squiggly.

Now thanks to NailSnaps I've finally been able to get the stained glass nails of my dreams! With NailSnaps it's super easy because on top of being able to turn ANY image into a custom nail wrap, NailSnaps are FLAT. LIKE PAPER. DRAWING PAPER.

We're going to approach this two ways.

The easy way: Custom NailSnaps

Let's not forget what NailSnaps is actually for. Snap a photo of your fav stained glass and turn it into NailSnaps. Bang! Easy peasy! 

Image showing NailSnaps made using a image of stained glass.

Only use images you have permission to use, but the internet is full of free images that you can use as well. I took a couple galaxy photos from free stock sites and NASA, and layered on some icons I pulled from The Noun Project by Dima Lagunov to create this beautiful specimen.



Advanced: Ruler + Fine Tip Sharpie + Hair spray

This method is good for adding the stained glass look to leftover NailSnaps you may have.

  1. Take a sheet of NailSnaps. Using a ruler and a fine tip Sharpie, go nuts adding lines like stained glass and then wait to dry. (You can also add a border from the bangin' border nails tutorial.)

Animated gif showing lines being drawn with a ruler on a NailSnaps wrap.

  1. Apply to the wraps to your nails normally (Review tips for perfect application, if needed).
  1. To keep the marker from washing away, very lightly mist your nail with hairspray and allow to dry. Be sure hold the hairspray far away from your hand and mist for about a second. Let dry. Repeat.
  1. Apply top coat by floating the brush over your design so your bristles don't touch the marker and you're done! YAAS. YOU GOT IT.

Image of completed geometric nails done with sharpies.

 Taking it next level with negative space.

See my ring finger in the above image? This is how you do it.

  1. Once you've gone nuts with your Sharpie in step 1 from above, remember what we did in the negative space tutorial? Use a pair of scissors or cuticle nippers to cut out your geometric shapes. If you bypassed all the steps above by creating your own stained glass nails within the app, then just hack away at them until you get the shapes you want.

Animated gif showing the NailSnap being cut by a cuticle nipper.

  1. Apply to your nail with tweezers and file off any excess.

Animated gif showing the application of the NailSnaps wrap.

  1. (only if you used the sharpie method) Very lightly spray your nail with hairspray and allow to dry.
  1. Apply top coat by floating the brush over your design. Oh, baby.

Here's how it looks with the geometric galaxy nails from above!

 Image of negative space geometric NailSnaps.


Let your creativity soar. Remember to share your NailSnaps creations with the hashtag #MyNailSnaps! 

xo Kelly


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