Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! 5 Ways To Get The Most From NailSnaps

NailSnaps are consciously created in Los Angeles, CA with no plastic package waste. We've worked hard to create a product that offers an easy way to get great nails with no mess and no toxicity. In honor of National Recycle Day, here's 5 ways can use your NailSnaps so that none of it goes to waste.

1. Use all 20 wraps.
Each set of NailSnaps comes with 20 wraps in various sizes. Mix and match for a good fit OR use them for a mani pedi but you may still end up with leftover nail wraps. Click here for a blog post that shows you how you can have fun with those extras.

2. Make use of the excess length of your wraps.
In our video showing how to apply NailSnaps, we show you that you can simply file away the excess length. However, you can also cut the bottom of the wrap off and use crafter's die-cuts to make negative-space mani with the extra length

3. Get crafty with the entire NailSnaps sheet.
The entire sheet of NailSnaps is printed on salon-quality ultra-thin vinyl so there's lots of fun you can have with the white space around each nail wrap and you can also use the image that inspired your design as a sticker too!

4. Create confetti from NailSnaps packaging.
People love our packaging and some have said they didn't want to throw it away even after they've used their NailSnaps so 
use crafter's die-cuts to give your packaging a second life as confetti! This can be fun to include in birthday and holiday cards or to decorate table tops.

5. Make holiday decor from NailSnaps packaging.
NailSnaps packaging is made with high quality card stock. You can repurpose and reuse this to make some spectacular seasonal paper crafts! Click any of th bullets below tutorials we've found for your inspiration.

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