Killer Halloween NailSnaps for the spookiest time of the year!

Get into the Halloween spirit with boo-tiful nails. 

Mummy Mani!

Creating Halloween Nail Art. 

You already know that the free NailSnaps app let's you turn any image into custom nail designs. Use the app to make nails that perfectly match your costume OR use free Halloween stock images - from spiderwebs to ombre night skies and Jack-o-lanterns - use the internet to find whatever you need!

Below are some images I found on royalty free websites along with designs I made from those images. Feel free to take these images and remix them into your own creation! 

Design compilation 1

Save the above image or click here to download the source image and make your own designs!

Design Compilation 2

Save the above image or click here to download the source image and make your own designs!

If you need it, here's the refresher course on creating great designs. Long story short, remember to keep the must-have parts of your design within the cuticle curve and White Dotted Line.

Get crafty! 3D Mummy Mani made from ANY set of NailSnaps.

Got a set of partially used NailSnaps? You can use the excess white vinyl from ANY set of NailSnaps to create this spook-tacular Mummy Mani.

  1. Start with clean nails. I have a base coat on mine. Use black polish or a sharpie to draw two dots on your nails for eyeballs. (If you use Sharpie, spray lightly with hairspray to avoid smearing, and lightly apply a quick dry top coat).
  2. Using an old set of NailSnaps, cut the area below the ring and middle finger into strips.

Mummy nails cut

  1. Peel strips from the sheet.

Peel strip from NailSnaps sheet.

  1. Apply the strips to your nail to form a mummy.

Apply the white vinyl to your nail.

  1. Once you've applied multiple strips, trim the slides with a cuticle cutter, and file away off the excess at the tip of your nail with a fine grit file. (Remember, only use downward strokes when filing off excess!) 

Cut off the excess.

  1. Apply a nice, thick layer of glossy top coat and enjoy your cute little mummies!

Mummy Mani!

Creep it real!

xo, Kelly

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