Shop the latest nail designs styles and collections from featured community designers or download the FREE NailSnaps to turn your photos into custom nail designs with just a few taps.
Non-Toxic NailSnaps are made of a high-quality, ultra-thin vinyl. NailSnaps are latex free and there is no PET content. The vinyl is sandwiched between a clear gloss coat and adhesive so the vinyl doesn't actually touch your nails but if you have a vinyl sensitivity, maybe try a test nail for a few days before you apply the whole look.
NailSnaps last up to 2 weeks with proper application and care – similar to a salon-quality manicure.
Each set of NailSnaps contains 20 individual nail wraps with 2 sizes per finger: 10 fingers in Regular width and a second sheet of 10 nails in various Petite widths for maximum fit and flexibility. All 20 wraps are the same length so the sizing refers to the ~width of the nail wrap. When applying your design, choose the best width for your fingernail.
Yes, NailSnaps can be applied on bare fingernails, over a base coat, on acrylics, and over gel nails. Just make sure your nail surface is clean and dry before you apply the wraps. If you’ve applied moisturizer or sunscreen within 24 hours, swab your nails with alcohol before application to remove oils.
NailSnaps can be applied in minutes with no mess, no toxicity, and no dry time! First, choose the width that looks right; Regular or Petite. Next, peel SQUARE side of the wrap from the sheet (that side will get filed off as excess). Stick the ROUND side near but not on your cuticle. Smooth it over your nail pressing any wrinkles or bubbles. (If you have super curvy nails, a blast of heat can help the vinyl shrink wrap to your curves.) Fold the wrap over your nail tip and use the included nail file to file off the excess length with downward strokes ONLY to prevent nail dust from getting under the wrap. The better seal you get at the tips, the longer your nail wraps will last. NailSnaps are glossy right out of the box but we recommend that add topcoat for extra stay, seal, and shine.
To remove NailSnaps, simply peel the wrap off your nail. No acetone or harsh chemicals required.
NailSnaps are even easier to apply. It’s a totally custom mani you can apply in minutes. No heat applicator. No cutting. No smelly chemicals. No UV light. The only tool needed is a nail file (included in each set) so NailSnaps can be applied anywhere. Simply peel and stick the salon-quality, ultra-thin vinyl nail wraps into place and file off the excess length to rock your totally custom look.
NailSnaps designs can be purchased in our shop at on all platforms including Android, but currently the app to create custom designs is only available for iOS.
Yes! you can put get different pictures on each nail and it’s super easy. Make a photo collage of the images you wish to use with a free app like Photo Grid, then create a NailSnaps design using your photo collage. Stretch and rotate the hand-pose stencil to get a specific nail to show one of the photos filling that nail area and then tap inside that nail to lock it. Then, move the stencil to get another part of the image on other nails. Voila! A mani with 5 different images on image on each nail. NOTE: Your design will be mirrored exactly from your left hand to your right.
Yes, but please note that the NailSnaps app will mirror your design onto the opposite hand. Mirroring lets you quickly and easily create nail art from a photo but is not recommended for word-based logos. If you want a design to NOT be mirror, contact us at about a custom wholesale design and we’ll create the design for you so that it’s not mirrored.

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