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Putting The “Man” In Manicure

"Man" In Manicure


Putting The “Man” In Manicure

Men, it’s time for us to have a tough discussion. It’s one you might not be comfortable having – maybe even one you’ve been told you shouldn’t feel comfortable having. But we’re going to have it nonetheless.

It’s time for you to get a manicure.

Before you stalk off in a huff, thinking we’re talking about painted nails and other womanly things, just chill. A manicure doesn’t automatically mean “painted nails;” it just means hands that are clean and healthy.

Breathing normally again? Good, let’s get started.

At-home and salon hand and nail treatments are just as important for guys as gals – and maybe even more so, depending on how much dirt and grime your manly hands work in on a daily basis. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be out the door with the cleanest hands you’ve ever seen on yourself – and you’ll learn just how painless manicures for men really are.

At-Home Treatments


You’ve seen it on posters and in restrooms: Your best defense is to wash your hands. When washing, cover your entire hands – the palms, the backs and in between fingers. Concentrate on your fingernails, too, as these can be the germiest areas.

Try Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Hand Soap or Tea Tree Body Bar for a cleansing wash without too “feminine” of a scent.


Before heading to bed at night, apply a small amount of lotion to your hands to help them from becoming callused, rough and cracked or dry. (Let’s face it: No one wants to shake a dried up piece of wood or give a high five to a chalkboard.) You can also soaking them in some soapy water if they’re overly calloused.

For moisturizing power with a clean, fresh scent, try Paul Mitchell’s Lemon Sage Energizing Body Lotion. Paul Mitchell tea tree lotion doesn’t have a super girly fragrance, so you won’t have to worry about smelling like a lady.

Trim & Push

This step should come easy to you, as it’s a habit you probably already do: clipping your nails. If possible, clip nails once a week or every two to keep them smooth and clean. Clip hangnails as soon as possible – don’t bite or rip them off.

For best results, use a sturdy, metal pair of clippers, and toss them when the blades dull.

The cuticle (AKA the annoying area of skin around the nail) is one of the most important areas of your hands.  Salon manicures will use tools to push your cuticles down, reducing the chance of hangnails. If possible, you can do the same at home by just using your other (clean) nails to push down cuticles on opposite hands.

The Salon Treatment


If you’re a nail biter, you might want to ask for a clear polish at the salon (or your ladyfriend at home). Once you bite into a chuck of nail polish, you’ll start to build an aversion and condition yourself to stop the biting.

File & Buff

You’ve most likely seen these long, stick-like things in your lady’s purse. A nail file is a long, thin board that’s rough on both sides (like sand paper). It’s used to smooth and round your nails after clipping so rough corners don’t snag things and cause hangnails.

Nail buffers smooth away ridges on the top of the nail, leaving a shiny gleam. If you’re not into clear polish, buffing can create the alternative.

So don’t be dirty, men – clean up your act, starting with your hands. Your lady will thank you.

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