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4 Ways You’re Harming Your Skin


4 Ways You’re Harming Your Skin

Believe it or not, every beauty product can NOT be universally used. Just like you shouldn’t take an antibiotic to treat a simple headache, you shouldn’t, for example, stick deodorant on your forehead.

Many of these everyday beauty blunders are just flat out harmful for your skin. Remember, even if it “works” in the moment, the long term effects could be detrimental. As a starting guide, we’ve selected the four most common ways you’re harming your skin.

1. Putting deodorant on your forehead.

Forehead sweat can be a drag. Unfortunately, deodorant isn’t a solution to the problem. By putting it on your face, you clog your pores and make it difficult for your skin to breathe. Ultimately, this will lead to acne and blackheads.

If you’re prone to sweaty or oily skin, switch to a lighter weight moisturizer in warmer months. If needed, carry around a battery-operated fan to keep yourself cool (and your makeup from melting).

2. Over-exfoliating your Skin.


For some reason, we tend to think that if a skincare product isn’t burning, tingling or stinging, it isn’t working.

Can we just take a second to cleanse our minds of this lie?

If ANY product is making your skin burn without a warning that it would do so, I would be concerned. More often than not, the burning comes from over-exfoliation. Over-exfoliation breaks down the moisture layer and causes your skin to become dry and flaky. Instead of exfoliating with a scrub daily, opt for once or twice a week, max. Always follow cleansing products with a moisturizer, like Pevonia Timeless Collagen Moisturizer.

3. Using hairspray to set your makeup.

It seems logical. Makeup setting spray is “hairspray for your face.” But what we’re forgetting is that they are two separate entities, with two separate purposes, and two very different ingredient makeups. Hairspray contains lacquers and alcohol that can very easily cause skin to dry, become flaky, or break out in red bumps. Rather than take the risk, invest in a true makeup setting spray to preserve your look all day long, or start with a primer before layering on your foundation.

4. Using body lotion as face moisturizer.

Honestly, using body lotion on your face is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. I get it – sometimes you’re stuck in a bind (like forgetting to pack your moisturizer on a vacation), and your only option is to use body lotion on your face post-cleansing. You can get away with it every now and then, but the more frequently you do this habit, the worse off your skin is in the long-run.

What’s so bad about it? Well, body lotions are much thicker and usually contain scents that can irritate your facial skin. Think of how delicate your face is versus the thicker skin on your legs or arms. They aren’t the same in need or nature, and therefore require two separate treatments.

It’s never too early to pay attention to skincare, especially when it comes to your face. It’s the only one you’ll get! For tips on anti-aging at any age, check out this post.

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