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How to Get Poppin’ Food Nails

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How to Get Poppin’ Food Nails

Animated gif of Kate Hudson euphorically eating a sandwich.

I love food. I think many of you will agree with me that food is an essential part of life. However, food (especially of the meaty or beige variety) might not look so pretty on your nails. That said, with the right tips and tricks, food nail art can look AWESOME. Here’s how to create food-themed NailSnaps that that look as pretty as your favorite foods are tasty.

Find a drawing, illustration, or pattern of your favorite food.

Let’s say you want pizza nails. Because you like pizza. I know I like pizza.

Anyway, you want pizza nails. Taking a picture of pizza and turning them into NailSnaps might not look so great. Why? Think of the colors. If we’re talking pepperoni pizza, that’s basically lots of brownish read, yellow, and more brown. Personally I’m not a fan of the realistic pizza prints that seem to have had a hot minute trending, and I don’t think it would look good on my fingers personally (although more power to you if you can rock it).

Image of google search of pizza sweaters

If that’s what you want, then go for it, (remember! You do you!). If you want something that will be a bit more vibrant against your skin, drawings, illustrations, or patterns of your favorite food (pizza!). Google image search is powerful. However, please remember that you should use images you have permission to use.

Image showing illustrated pizza print NailSnaps

There are some foods that are naturally colorful and therefore look great on nails as they are – bright colored foods like fruit and desserts (Cupcake frosting nail art?! Yes, please!)

Image showing NailSnaps made from a picture of a cute purple cupcake.

Again, illustrations of foods can add an extra layer of cute! (Poke Puffs anyone? Anyone??)

Image showing NailSnaps made from an illustrated cupcake pattern

You can now create awesome food nails of all your Instagrammed lunches. Go forth and make pretty, yummy looking food nail art!

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