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5 Must-Try Nail Trends for Spring

nails for spring


5 Must-Try Nail Trends for Spring

Spring is almost here. The birds are chirping…but are your nails chipping? It’s probably time to schedule a trip to the salon for a manicure and pedicure, but first be sure to check out these must-try nail trends for spring backed by Harpers Bazaar.

1. Say hello to embellished white designs.



Harpers Bazaar says whiteout nails are “so eighth grade.” And to be honest, I can remember painting my nails all-white when I was in middle school. But don’t shy away from using an all-white base, and then adding a little extra flare or character to your nails this spring. Try adding polka dots, chevron layers, stripes of color or even crystals or diamonds.  Use Morgan Taylor’s “All White Now” to create this look on your own.

2. Keep the Olympic spirit alive with metallic colors.




Gold, silver and bronze – and I’m not talking about the Olympics! Let yourself (and your nails) shine this spring by using colors inspired by metals. For a DIY metallic nail design , try using OPI’s “Haven’t The Foggiest” or Morgan Taylor’s “Bronzed and Beautiful.”

3. Stripes on stripes on stripes.



When it comes to both nails and fashion, stripes will be BIG this spring.  Experiment with thick, thin, colorful, nude, horizontal or vertical stripes with your nail designs this spring. I personally love Harper Bazaar’s idea of using a windowpane grid pattern.  To create this style yourself,  paint on a coat of Morgan Taylor’s “Birthday Suit” and let it air dry for at least 20 minutes. Then add thin stripes in both horizontal and vertical patterns using China Glaze’s “Liquid Leather.”

4. Get wild with animal prints and patterns.



Some of the post popular animal print designs include leopard, cheetah, giraffe and zebra. Try incorporating a solid color into the design as well. For example, use a zebra pattern on four of your nails, and then put OPI’s “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons” on your index fingernail for a solid accent or party nail.

5. Reverse your French tips, or try half-moons.



Everyone loves a good French tip manicure or pedicure, but think outside the box this spring.  I’ve seen some pretty creative reverse French tips designs. Try one using a black base color and white tip (which reminds me of a black tie event) – or be more playful with a teal base color and silver tips. For a similar feel, try painting a thin coat of a lighter color (like white or nude) first, then covering almost all the nail with a darker color, leaving just a small circle (or “half-moon”) of the lighter color showing through near your cuticle.

No matter which nail trend you try first, don’t forget about using a good base coat to help lessen chipping and peeling. You’ll love Venique Lacquer’s Base Coat. After painting, apply a thin coat of Morgan Taylor’s Need for Speed Top Coat for an almost-instant dry time (minimizing opportunities for smudges and chips!).

Finally, don’t forget to share your nail pictures with us on Instragram. Can’t wait to see which trends you embrace this spring!

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